Facility, Well Site and Pipeline Signage
Facility Signage

For outdoor facility signs, see our line up of winning designs, allowing you to get your important corporate information to visiting personnel on your site. We can help get your facilities marked, and branded whether a small, medium or large facility. See our other products, which will keep your staff safe and compliant.

Well Site Signage

When you need quality and long lasting signs for the field, give us a call. We have the lease sign blanks in stock, ready to go. We have the aluminum blanks, as well as an enviro option, recycled aluminum dibond, helping keep the oilfield green.

Pipeline Signage

We not only supply pipeline signs and posts, we also supply aerial markers, 2 or 3 panels per side. Made with quality and your needs in mind. Indy also prints and routers out the required panels, with mounting holes for easy installation. As well as everything else, Indy offers a high impact pipeline marker post. 

Safety Signage
Caution Signs

Make sure your employees and site visitors are well informed of the hazards around your job site. We can make absolutely any decal that you require, but be sure to come by and have a look at our ready made decals in our storefront. From High Pressure Lines, High Voltage to Confined Space warnings, we have a huge supply in stock.

Safety Signs

Knowing where certain safety stations are when it matters is key, from emergency exit signs, muster points, eye wash stations and fire extinguisher decals. We have a large supply in our storefront that you can come check out, or we can make custom safety decals to suit your requirements.


Come and check out our storefront, we have a ton of ready to go WHIMIS and TDG product specific labels. If we don't have the exact product label or size that you're looking for, we can create it for you. Just let us know what you need, and we'll make it happen.

Sea Can

A lot of companies use sea cans for various things, the signage that you may require would be dependent on its use. Let us help you stay current, having things like the weight displayed in decals can be very helpful, and while you're at it why not get a company logo on it as well.


Another potential giveaway item, custom cuts and design available, or supply your own artwork and we will resize accordingly.

Hard Hat & Toolbox

Custom cuts/sizes to fit your logo. Give them away to clients with your company info on it, promote your company in style with a custom design while you're at it. Our hard hat stickers are a full digital print.

Equipment Labels

Some equipment may require labeling or information to be posted somewhere, this is a perfect way to do it. We can do create them for you, sized and designed to your specifications, or you can supply the files and we can size accordingly.